Thousands of people flee violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and end up seeking refuge in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and the United States. Along the way, the migrant shelters that used to serve as pit stops for people seeking a better future up north have now become refugee camps, filled with men and women escaping death. Below, two of the videos that are part of the larger project. 

In limbo: the refugees who wait in Belize

With the most recent wave of violence in Central America, hundreds of families have arrived in Belize in search of asylum. The Belizean government has not granted asylum since the 1980s and says it is not prepared to do so. This family from El Salvador has waited for more than a year for the government and the local UNHCR office to offer a solution. Unable to work legally, they are desperate and thinking of fleeing to another country.



Thalía: the first transgender refugee

Thalía Ramírez is the first transgender woman to receive refugee status in Costa Rica. This year the United Nations started to count the number of refugee cases of people from the LGBT community. So far they have registered 16.