La Comida de los Cocineros // Line Cooks at Home

Before leaving Mexico for North Carolina, Oscar didn’t know how to flip a tortilla on the grill. Now, under the direction of a James Beard award-winning chef, he and fellow cooks Javier, Romeo and Ramiro run the line at the high-end Lantern Restaurant in Chapel Hill. The cocineros have adapted to life in a new country by leaning on each other in the kitchen—both at work and at home. Their big Sunday family meal reveals food traditions old and new. 

I produced this video with friend and journalist Victoria Bouloubasis for the Food Issue of the New York-based online magazine Feet in Two Worlds. La Comida de los Cocineros won first place in the multimedia category at the Association of Food Journalists Awards and was chosen as one of the shorts in the PBS series Reel South